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my boyfriend just broke up with me :( helpp

We’ll save you! 

I want that kind of super hero rescue hot guy and a dog yes please

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Once I was walking home with some law school friends and they were like ”Why are you walking up that street your street is like three more streets up”

"Yeah but there’s a house on this street and sometimes their golden retriever naps in the sun on the sidewalk and I like to give him belly rubs"

Now all the law students walk up belly rub lane because law school is stressful and dogs rock

I bet that is the happiest dog

belly rub lane

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leftarmforbuckybarnes said: How's life as a college girl?

"My roommates are drunk again" sums up fall dorm life, but I’ve made other friends that aren’t in my room


why cant there be 2 week days and 5 days in the weekend

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